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Fresher with Just BE? We Don't Want you

Fresher with Just BE? We Don't Want you

blog3Continuing the example we discussed before, the skills have changed between the two situations. We talked about 6 members involved in making an embedded gateway product.

Earlier skills:

Write code and debug. Keep improving gradually based on feedbacks and reviews. After several months of such work from multiple developers, then integrate and test

Now :

Organizations now use agile methodology. Long gone, is the process of writing elaborate requirement so that freshers can spend time to understand small part of the requirement and write code.

System overview and system thinking: They should grasp the requirement without much documentation. This requires the system overview and the mindset of thinking in terms of system, not just few lines of code.

Code debugging: Since there are code generators, the chance of silly coding mistakes are reduced.Earlier, days, while writing code there were simple errors and major part of work involved in solving simpler issues with very localized understanding. Now the debugging skills required are lot more deeper and wider.

Integration and testing: If there are design issues, the developer should be able to catch and report it quickly. It needs lot of competency to differentiate between design issues and simpler coding issues. But it is increasingly expected from freshers now a days.

Process and approach: Due to DevOps revolution - test driven development and continuous integration, any defect from any developer is published to the whole global team. Due to lack of automation, in olden days, the issues used to get masked. Not tolerated any more. The expectation is that the developers need to be lot more process conscious.

Hence anyone with good DevOps exposure is highly valued.

Due to the above, the organizations are setting much higher bar than before, for permanent hires. To Progress from month 1 to month 2 itself in the project, the developers need to be.


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