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How Freshers get Mislead and loos money

How Freshers get Mislead and loos money

blog2Like we said earlier, simple courses used to be good enough for getting job. Considering the case of embedded software, all that was needed was some orientation in embedded C and microcontroller. Also bit of keywords like embedded Linux, RTOS in the resume. This, along with the certificate from the course, used to be good enough.

This has built huge brand for some training institutes. Due to the past years there is sufficient word of mouth branding and selling. While they take 100 candidates, even if they place 5, they get to advertise it big.

Once the operations increased, the attention given to the skill development of individual candidates became extremely low.

Now the industry is changing as we stated. Added stress is the demand-supply equation.

Here are the unfortunate things we observe with freshers now a days:

  • Sign up for courses based on the advise of senior students and past records of the institutes.
  • Lose money
  • Not attaining the skills promised for the courses
  • Of course, not ready for market.
  • Lose credibility with parents for asking for money too many times.
  • After finishing the course, getting to know that they need to study lot more to be job ready.

We Job Oriented Course in JP Nagar Bangalore | Embedded Systems Course in JP Nagar Bangalore , eTech Prowess understands that this is tough situation. We have the following advises:

  • Do not lose heart. One part is due to the industry trend of high skill demand and lower needs. It could take some more time. Many are in this phase, not just you.
  • Do not go by the past track record of the courses alone. What worked in past years may not work in future.
  • Check when the course you are considering is designed. If it is done long back, do not jump into it quickly. It may not meet today’s skill needs.
  • If it is a big brand, be cautious. Brands alone will not sell anymore. Check if the training institute is going to provide sufficient focus on you.
  • Be prepared to do two courses – one generic bridge course for the industry (ex: embedded C focusing on skills) and second one with a specialization (ex: multimedia / USB , boot, networking, DevOps etc.

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