How to become good at embedded systems

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Are you ready to delve into the fascinating world of Embedded Systems and make a career in it? Here is a guide to help you with your goal.

Firstly, getting familiar with the electronic tools and components that are being manufactured by leading semiconductor companies, keeping pace with the latest programming languages, advanced microcontrollers, simulation tools, and is a prerequisite.

Going further, here are some pointers that might be helpful in sharpening your skills in Embedded systems-

  1. Have a good understanding of digital and small signal analogue electronics, microprocessor internals (mostly the registers), memory regions and their uses (heap, stack, IVT, code) and multi-tasking (in the embedded world we use the original term “multi-tasking”.
  2. Competency in at least one assembly language and in the ‘C’ programming language.
  3. Deep understanding of Boolean Math (Logic)
  4. The architecture of microcontrollers.
  5. It is pivotal to know how to develop and debug code for peripherals such as UARTs, A/D & D/A converters, timers, PWM generation from a timer, real-time clocks, etc, to develop and debug code for communications using RS-232 (and it’s variants), SPI, I2C, and parallel data ports and lastly to develop and debug code with stacks, queues, linked-lists, and other common data constructs.
  6. To be a good embedded systems engineer, a solid understanding of DMA (Direct Memory Access), and how to implement it for systems which have DMA capability is also required.
  7. Understanding the advantages & disadvantages of using a foreground loop with interrupts vs. using a multitasking kernel.

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Embedded training and placement in Bangalore | eTech Prowess