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As increasing amounts of data in today's life, large tech companies are in a demand for data scientists. It's hard and challenging to find proper scientists because of demand in the IT & industries in a rapidly growing market. We at eTech process try to balance the gap between companies' demand supply, we hand pick candidates to provide them with professional training in academic projects. Our well experienced trainers have industrial knowledge with practical experience to train candidates.

What is Data Science?

Data science can be put into basic terms like it’s an advanced version of obtaining information and insights analyzing the larger amounts of data, data mining, and programming skills. They won't just process this structured and unstructured data models, after analysing data deeply they'll also interpret the outcomes of companies to solve the problem. So for this, data scientists must master the full range of the data science processes and there is a need for understanding to get maximum results at each phase of the process of data science.

Responsibilities of data scientists:-

The data scientists are responsible for modelling the process, algorithms and predictive data for the business needs. The process of acquiring data as follows has to begin with the right question before discovering or processing of data, then acquire, Process and integrate data to explore more possibilities. Then choose one or more algorithms with potential modelling, Using different methods or techniques to collect the data with machine learning,statistics and AI to improve results.

Various JOB Roles for Data Scientists:

Data Analytics: By analysing the large number of datas, current trends to create business decisions.

Data scientist: Designing the data analytics to create an algorithm, Predictive model and custom analytics.

Data engineers: Data engineers usually Clean, aggregate, and organize data from different sources and transfer data to data warehouses.

Business Intelligence specialist:Identifying trends in data

Data Architect: Design, Create and manage data in organisation.

Data science skills:There are two type of skills needed for For data scientists Core and soft skills

Core Skills like: Statistical analysis,Machine learning, Computer science, Programming, Data storytelling.

Soft skills like: Developing Business ideas ,Analytical thinking. Critical thinking: Interpersonal skills.

Is Data Science valuable in India?

Many people are asking us the same question. The answer is yes. It was one of the most promising jobs around the world. India ranks among top three in recruiting data scientists. So there is a greater demand for data in the organization nowadays so there is importance for data science in each and every company in India as well as abroad with luxuries salaries for data scientists.

Planning For Certification program for Data scientist?

Everyone is talking about Data sciences, a lot of people came forward to do it, and increasingly, more people are hiring for Data specialized skills within data science provided by our professional teachers with our specialized method will provide you with great interest and insight on data sciences with logic and resolving complex problems. We at eTech prowess teach and train statistics, business intelligence, and analytics systems technology skills to set upon specialized technical or industry-specific applications.

Data science course in bangalore | eTech Prowess