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Python is a scripting language, thus used to automate anything. The codes are written in the form of scripts and get executed. Automation testing is about scripting your test steps.

Scope of Python automation :

Yes, there is a huge scope for the python language with automation testing. Python has very minimalist syntax compared to java or C because python is an incredible programming language. Python is the second best language, and that's a wonderful aspiration.

Both the skills i,e. Python and automation are in demand and both complement each other. Automation testing is all about scripting your test steps. For most operations you require to do for automation such as file read write, string operations, etc are relatively easy in python than to Java or C. Most preferred automation tool is Selenium and Selenium will support the python scripting. So, if you possess these skills in conjunction and if you get good experience using the same, then it will help most for Automation testing.

Future scope of python programming:

  • Python supports the multi paradigm programming language which includes attributes like object oriented, functional, reflective, etc.
  • Python has a very big standard library and tools which help to function the overall python language and also help to write codes easily.
  • Some of the python libraries and tools are:

      Built-in functions, types and exceptions.

      File formats, directory dictionary, and file.

      Scipy, wxPython, PyQT, Scrappy.

  • Python has huge community support and if you have any problems you can post it and Python community will send the response with the solution to it.

So, the scope and future of Python automation are too bright and having experience in this will help you to become an expert. We the Best Python automation Testing Training in Bangalore| eTech Prowess will help you to know information about the scope of Python Automation which may help you to understand it in a better way.

Best Python automation Testing Training in Bangalore| eTech Prowess