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An embedded system is a computer system. It’s a mixture of a computer processor, computer memory, and input/output peripheral devices -which has a dedicated function within an electrical or larger mechanical system. It controls the physical operation of the machine. Embedded systems featured technology’s growth by manifold. So here we have a future of the embedded system.

Ubiquitous computing

Ubiquitous computing is one of the arms of computing which concentrates on interconnected and communicating devices and these devices can be anything used in our daily lives right from smartphones, toaster, coffee mugs etc.its for obvious that in coming days your smartphone will automatically talk about how busy you are on a particular day. Ubiquitous is also called as pervasive computing, was named by Mark Weiser around 1988 and was heading Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).

Sentient computing

Sentient computing it is an arm of ubiquitous computing that includes the use of various types of sensors to sense the environment and responses accordingly. With the improvement in cloud computing systems have found the application in exploring outer space.

Context-aware device-Context awareness is an outer layer of intelligence to ubiquitous computing and it helps devices by making them more aware of their surrounding environment.

Intelligent devices

Intelligent devices These are devices that possess the ability to think or simply put” things that think `.MIT Media Lab is working on this “THINGS THAT THINK “ idea and focus on forming an environment that enables this way of thinking.

The cyber-physical system

The cyber-physical system forms an important part of the Internet of things. These have Cyber powerful support of computation and fast communication and focuses on integrating the physical and cyber world into one and can be used for precision-oriented tasks such as in the implementation of robotic arms, creating and developing energy-efficient systems for easing the daily activities.

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Advance Embedded systems course in Bangalore | eTech Prowess