The world is progressing toward a world of AI and robotics which are presently a hot industry. Python is especially useful for prototyping algorithms for AI. Besides, Raspberry Pi uses the Python language thus making it highly relevant to robotics because you can use a Raspberry Pi to control a robot. .

Python, a highly productive multi-paradigm programming language is known for its simple yet elegant syntax, code readability and English-like commands making coding a lot easier and efficient and is, therefore, an excellent choice for many areas. The use of Python in scientific and numeric computing is rampant and is considered to be a supreme language for both at the preliminary level as well as advanced programming. From designing Graphic User Interface applications, websites to web applications.

Python has been in use since the late 1980s. It was created by Guido van Rossum in The Netherlands. The book “The Zen of Python” by Software Engineer Tim Peters makes for an amazing read for Python geeks.

Apart from being an amazing language, It also teaches you to think like a programmer quickly. Python is a readable language and learning the syntax is as easy as pie. Unlike other languages, Python uses English keywords instead of punctuations. It is simpler to learn and code in Python when compared to other languages.

In Python, creating a module is required for better management of code and reusability. Typically python provides you with some built-in modules, which can be imported by using the import keyword. Furthermore, Python also allows you to create your own modules and use them in your programs. You can gather information about various modules by browsing through the Python Standard Library documentation. A module is nothing but a file consisting of Python code and a Python package happens to contain a bunch of Python scripts. Currently, there are More than 200 core modules at the heart of the standard library. From the Python Package Index (PyPI), you can also access a growing collection of several thousand components in addition to the above-mentioned library. The main highlight of the Python module and python package is that it helps in keeping the code in an organized manner. Moreover, Python includes tools, not restricted to, such as Beeware, BOA constructor, Pycharm, its integration with Django which boosts productivity by cutting down on time. Hence the trouble of learning the language is minimized exponentially giving more opportunity to focus on the problem and end result.

It is fascinating to see how Python is used just about everywhere. The point is that Python will apply to whatever you’re interested in, creating endless interesting career options.

Python in space and astronomy, The central command system of The International Space Station’s Robonaut 2 robot uses Python. It has been planned to put Python to use to collect soil samples in a European mission to Mars in 2020. The largest radio telescope in the Southern Hemisphere, The MeerKat Radio telescope array, uses Python for its control and monitoring systems. Your travel partner Spotify music streaming service uses Python to send you music. In the video industry: All thanks to Python which makes sure your favorite movies on Netflix play (stream) without stopping. Additionally, Python is used a lot for YouTube. In its early development phase, Google used Python all over. In medicine, A life sciences company, The Nodality company, is on a mission to help drug developers deliver effective drugs to precisely targeted patient groups uses Python to handle information that they use to search for a cure to cancer. It is mind-boggling to know that there is Python In your doorbell too! Python can be used to automate your home by hooking up sensors to the house. For example, you can open and close the curtains or automatically turn on lights when you come in the room, all with the help of Python..

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